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The Gray Line - August 2007


Information contained in the Gray Line is for use by all members.  Commanders are encouraged to copy those items which directly affect their membership into their camp newsletters, or to include the Gray Line in its entirety as a part of your newsletters.  Communication throughout the organization is very important and the Gray Line offers us a means to provide members with the most up-to-date information on many different topics.

SCV Membership

SCV Membership is currently 30,792 which includes 3,118 Life Members and 53 Real Sons, and 163 new cadet members.  Please make sure each of your camp’s members is aware that he needs to renew his dues NLT than November 1, 2007 in order to ensure the uninterrupted receipt of the Confederate Veteran magazine.  Please do your part to recruit new members, to encourage current members to remain active and to make a serious effort to persuade former members of your camp to reinstate.  If you would like a mailing list of your camp’s dues delinquent former members, please contact your appropriate army secretary.  Please remember that the dues renewal period has started and your dues payment cut off date is November 1, 2007.  Retention of our current membership is the easiest and best way to grow the SCV membership.


Important Notice

Some members continue to receive email communications from a source calling itself "CV News".  Please be advised that while this medium may be operated by members of the SCV, "CV News" is not a connected with the Sons of Confederate Veterans in any capacity, nor do the statements made through that medium represent the position of the SCV, the General Headquarters or any of its officers.  If you or any of your Compatriots would like to receive occasional notices and announcements from the official, legitimate SCV news source, please visit


Mobile Reunion

The 112th SCV annual general reunion/convention was held at the Battle House Hotel, Mobile, AL from July 25 – 28, 2007.  The Reunion was a great success with over 500 registered members, representing approximately 200 camps, in attendance.  A proposed dues increase was presented along with four constitutional amendments.


Results- The General Executive Council had proposed an annual dues increase of $8.00 per member.  This proposal was immediately amended to change the proposed increase to $10.00 for a new dues amount of $30.00.  A spirited debate ensued and after much maneuvering and parliamentary sparring, a motion was made and approved to delay the implementation of this proposal until August 1, 2008.  Thus effective August 1, 2008 SCV dues will increase to $30.00 per member per year.  A postmark cutoff date of July 31, 2008 will be used to accept the old rate of $20.00 dues.


Four (4) SCV Constitutional Amendments were presented to the assembled delegates.  The summarized amendments and results are as follows:

Article 13.5 This was proposed by the GEC to remove the veto power of the accused relative to the site of any disciplinary committee hearing.  The amendment was approved by a voice vote of the delegates.

Article 13.6 This was proposed by the GEC to clarify the procedures and appeals for a member who is subject to discipline.  The amendment was approved by a voice vote of the delegates.

Article 3.8(3) This amendment was proposed by Compatriot Ted Brooke of Cumming GA to make the $10.00 cadet dues a one time charge rather than an annual fee.  This amendment failed by a voice vote of the delegates.

Article 3.1 This amendment was proposed by Compatriot Ted Brooke of Cumming GA to change membership eligibility to be subject to certain background criminal checks.  With the concurrence of the proponent, this amendment was tabled indefinitely by a unanimous voice vote of the delegates.


Cadet Membership was established in 2006 for males from birth to 12 years of age who are otherwise eligible for SCV membership.  A regular SCV application, with the word Cadet written or printed at the top, will be submitted along with $10 to General Headquarters (GHQ), completely filled out including the Camp’s approval.  The GHQ will enter the young man in the database, assign him a SCV membership number, and all records will be the same as a full member except that his membership status will be different. The names of cadet members will not appear on the camp membership roster nor will they receive the Confederate Veteran magazine.  A new cadet member joining for the year August 1, 2007 through July 31, 2008 will be status CM07.  Once the young man becomes 12, he will pay his regular dues and his status will be changed to the appropriate fiscal year which will make him a full member.  Cadets will pay $10.00 annual dues and will receive a periodic newsletter.

2010 Reunion- The Convention attendees received two very professional presentations from Secession Camp 4 in Charleston SC and from the Manse Jolly Camp 6 for Anderson SC who were competing for the 2010 Reunion.  Both bids were well received by the delegates who chose Anderson SC as the 2010 site.  The 2008 SCV National Reunion will be held in Concord NC and hosted by the Captain Jonas Cook Camp 888, and the 2009 Reunion will be held in Hot Springs AR. 


Confederate Veteran Magazine

The next edition of the Confederate Veteran magazine, cover date July August 2007, has been printed.  The magazine went into the bulk mail system on August 7, 2007.  Any photographs or articles submitted to the Editor in Chief for publication in the camp news section should be sent electronically, if possible, to or mailed directly to Frank B. Powell III, 9701 Fonville Rd, Wake Forest NC 27587.   Please remember the GEC has approved a CV magazine subscription rate of only $10.00 per year for libraries and schools when purchased by a SCV member or camp.  Please take advantage of this offer to ensure your local area is exposed to this fine magazine.


Gray Line

The Gray Line is only being sent via email on the internet through the official SCV News List!  If any member of your camp would like to join the SCV News List, please direct him to where he can sign up for this service.  Please forward the Gray Line on to all members of your camp as it contains useful information.  Please be sure that your Army secretary has the current email addresses for your Camp Commander and Adjutant.  If neither the Camp Commander nor Adjutant has an email address, please furnish an alternate email address to the IHQ. 


SCV Mobile Phone Service

The SCV has entered into a partnership with Sonopia, the industry leader in customized mobile service, to launch SCVeterans Mobile phone, exclusively for our membership.  Subscribers will receive: a new Motorola RAZR V3m phone, emblazoned with the SCV CBF theme featuring Generals Lee and Jackson and preloaded with a Dixie ring tone; a special calling plan and coverage from the nation's leading wireless network.  It's a great deal for you and a great way to provide additional support for our initiatives.  This is the program that received such an enthusiastic reception at the Mobile Reunion. You can obtain more detail and sign up for this politically incorrect phone service at https:/


Combined Federal Campaign

The Sons of Confederate Veterans has been approved for the fifth consecutive year as a Combined Federal Campaign Charity (CFC).  In many locations the CFC is combined with the United Way and joint fund raising campaigns are conducted during September and October.  Please encourage members, their families and friends of the South who might be potential CFC donors to consider assigning a portion of their contributions to the SCV which is Charity 10116.  Please note this number has changed from previous years.


SCV Credit Card Revenue Sharing

The national SCV began on August 1, 2006 sharing 25% of the revenue received from the SCV VISA Card program with the divisions, and during the previous fiscal year more than $6,000 has been earned by the divisions during the first year.  The GHQ receives a monthly report from the bank which breaks down purchases by state based upon the billing address of the card holder.  The checks to divisions will be made monthly, quarterly or annually once the amount due to the division is at least $100.  Please encourage your members to apply for a card.  Applications have previously been sent to the division adjutants or you may request one from the GHQ. 



Please continue to use the member toll free line (800) 380-1896 or (800) MY DIXIE 693-4943 whenever calling the GHQ for normal business.  (800) MY SOUTH is designed to be the SCV’s primary recruiting line as it is featured on the recruiting coins and literature. 


National Award Winners were recognized at the General Reunion in Mobile AL during July 25 to 28, 2007.


Best Camp- The winner of the prestigious Dr. George R. Tabor, distinguished camp award, in an extremely close competition, is the Captain Thomas H. Hobbs Camp 768, Athens AL, Tom Strain Jr, Commander.  Congratulations are also due all of the other top camps: H L Hunley Camp 143, Summerville SC, Joseph M. Willis, Commander, third place which was the Moultrie Camp 27, Mt. Pleasant, SC, J. Howard Chalmers III, Commander, fourth was Secession Camp 4, Charleston SC, William J. Baber, Commander and fifth was the A J Ringo Camp 1509, New Castle IN, Stephen L. Ritchie, Commander.


General Stand Watie Award is presented to the SCV Camp making the largest contribution to the Stand Watie Scholarship Fund during the previous year.  The 2007 winner was the H L Hunley Camp 143, Summerville SC, Joseph M. Willis, Commander.




Dr. B. H. Webster Award for the best Scrapbook for camps with fewer than 50 members was presented to the J. M. "Matt" Barton Camp 441, Sulphur Springs, TX, James Noe, Commander.  Second place was the New Salem Invincibles Camp 2107, Ponta, TX, third was the 2nd Texas Frontier District Camp 1904, De Leon, TX, and fourth was the Gen. Walter P. Lane Camp 1455, Longview, TX.   


Judah P. Benjamin Award for the best Scrapbook for camps with 50 or more members has co winners, the Brigadier General Benjamin G. Humphreys Camp 1625 Indianola, MS, Dan A. McCaskill, Commander.  Second place was the General Ellison Capers Camp 1212, Moncks Corner, SC, third was Gen. Richard Taylor Camp 1308, Shreveport, LA and fourth was the H. L. Hunley Camp 143, Summerville SC.


Historical Project- Dr. James B. Butler Award for the best historical project was won by the Capt. Thomas H. Hobbs Camp 768

Athens, AL, Tom Strain Jr., Commander for the Limestone County wide survey of 89 cemeteries and 473 Confederate Soldier graves registered thus far, complete with GPS coordinates and mapping, several marker placements, and cleanup as required along with memorial ceremonies.  More markers will be placed as this project continues. 


Best Web Site- General Samuel Cooper Award for the best website is the Captain Thomas W. Patton Camp 2021, Boardman OH, http://, Daniel R. Johnson, Webmaster.




Dr. Paul Jon Miller Award winner for the best newsletter among camps with fewer than 50 members is The Chickamauga, The General Ben Hardin Helm Camp 1703, Elizabethtown KY, Joey Oller, Editor.  The runner up in this category was s the Col Henry Laurens Benbow, the newsletter having the same name, Camp 859 in Manning SC.  The third place finisher was The Dispatch which is produced by the Hampton Redshirt Camp 1876, Columbia SC.


S.A. Cunningham Award for the best newsletter among camps with 50 or more members goes, for the second consecutive year, to the 15th REGIMENTAL REPORT, 15th Regiment South Carolina Volunteers Camp 51, Lexington, SC, Steven L. Wolfe, Editor.  Finishing second was The Norris Camp Newsletter, COL William Norris Camp 1398, Gaithersburg MD and finishing third was The Sharpshooter, SGT Barry Benson Camp 1672, North Augusta SC. 


Dewitt Smith Jobe Award for the best Division newsletter is the Palmetto Partisan, South Carolina Division, Jeff O’Cain, Editor.  The Alabama Confederate was in second place again this year, and the Ohio Division’s Confederate Buckeye came in third. 




Recruiting- Edward R. Darling Award for the top recruiter in the Confederation was presented to Kyle Sims, a member of the COL Middleton Tate Johnson Camp 1648, Arlington TX, who recruited 27 new members.  A very close second with 25 members was Tom Lavender (GA).  In third place, recruiting 19 new members was Eddie O. Creasy (VA), then tied for fourth place was 2006 winner Anderson S. Langdale (SC) and consistently a top recruiter, Ronald E. Jones (TN).  Each Dixie Club award winner should be congratulated for his undying devotion to the cause.


General Nathan Bedford Forrest Award for the camp with the greatest net gain in membership (33) goes to the 16th South Carolina Regiment Camp 36, Greenville SC, James W. Forrester, Commander.  The Captain James Knox “Seaboards Guards” Camp 2022, Waynesville GA finished second with a net gain of 30, an 81% increase, while the third place finisher, the Upshur County Patriots Camp 2109, Gilmer TX grew from 10 to 39 members, a net gain of 29, a truly exceptional effort.  These camps are showing the way to grow.


New Camps, Division- General A. P. Hill Award is a three way tie between the Kentucky, Virginia, and North Carolina Divisions commanded respectively by Thomas Y. Hiter (KY), Britton Frank Earnest Sr. (VA) and Bruce Tyson (NC).  


New Camps, Army- General Albert Sydney Johnston Award for the Army with the greatest gain in new camps with 13, for the second consecutive year, goes to the Army of Tennessee, C. Kelly Barrow, Commander. 


Individual Awards


Robert E. Lee Gold Medals, the second highest award which can be given to a SCV member, were presented to Father Alister C. Anderson (MD), Edward E. Funchess (MS), and Paul C. Gramling Jr (LA) for their exceptional contributions to the SCV. 


Jefferson Davis Chalice was presented to Commander in Chief Christopher M. Sullivan (SC).  This is the highest award which may be bestowed on a member for service to the SCV and consists of an engraved silver chalice, a medal and a certificate.


Stand Watie Scholarship Winners- M. Dann Hayes, Committee Chairman, recently announced the SCV has awarded five $1000 college scholarship awards to David B. Boone Jr. (KS), Eric Ward (CA), Dorothy Christine Barrow (GA), Charles Albert Broadway IV (NC), and William Mitchell Whatley (AL), Congratulations to each of these fine students who is the descendant of a Confederate soldier or sailor who provided honorable service to the CSA during the War for Southern Independence.

The SCV Gray Line is published periodically by the Sons of Confederate Veterans, P.O. Box 59, Columbia, TN 38402

Commander-in-Chief  Christopher M. Sullivan · P O Box 1512. ·Travelers Rest SC 29690 · (803) 376-5078 ·

SCV Executive Director: Ben Sewell—, ext. 207

Contact Information:

Nikki Thornton, Army of Northern Virginia and Army of Tennessee, ext. 204

Stephanie Bible,   Army of Trans Mississippi (and Georgia), ext. 203

Bryan Sharp, Membership Coordinator, ext. 201 David Stinson, Merchandising-, ext. 205

(800) 380-1896           (931) 381-6712 (Fax)