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[SCV News] The Gray Line Nov 2007

Information contained in the Gray Line is for use by all members.  Commanders are encouraged to copy those items which directly affect their membership into their camp newsletters, or to include the Gray Line in its entirety as a part of your newsletters.  Commu­nication throughout the organization is very important and the Gray Line offers us a means to provide members with the most up-to-date information on many different topics.

SCV Membership

SCV Membership is currently 31,824 including 3,164 Life Members and 54 Real Sons, and 196 new cadet members.  The Army secretaries are still processing dues renewals received by the November 1, 2007 cut off date to avoid a late fee.  Members who have not renewed their dues will not receive the November December 2007 CV magazine which will be going to press in the near future.  Please remit any late dues to GHQ as soon as possible to ensure the uninterrupted receipt of the Confederate Veteran magazine for your members.  The total member­ship number shown above is the largest of the year, and it will be reduced when the delinquents are dropped from the rolls.   Please vigor­ously recruit new members and encourage current members to make the commitment to be long term members which is the best way to grow the SCV membership.  Another easy way to strengthen the SCV is to persuade former members of your camp to reinstate.  If you would like a mailing list of your camp’s dues delinquent former members, please contact the GHQ staff.


Rev. J. William Jones Christian Service Award

Rev William W. “Bill” Barr of Paris TN was presented this prestigious award at the SCV Awards luncheon at the Mobile, AL Reunion on Thursday, July 26, 2007.  This unique award is reserved for professed Christian SCV members who emulate and perpetuate the orthodox Christian faith demonstrated by the soldiers and citizens of the Confederate States of America.  The GHQ regrets omitting this information from the August 2007 Gray Line national awards listings.


Concord Reunion

The 113th SCV annual general reunion/convention will be held in Concord NC from July 16 – 19, 2008 and hosted by the Captain Jonas Cook SCV Camp 888. Their website is 


2008 IRS Annual Electronic Notice Filing Requirement

SCV camps with gross receipts less than $25,000 a year are not required to file an IRS Form 990 tax return; however, beginning in 2008 all camps will be required to submit an annual electronic notice.  This will be a simple task, providing camp officer contact information that must be accomplished online between August 1st and December 15, 2008.  The SCV will provide further guidance and assistance on com­pleting this task as we near the end of the current fiscal year.


IRS Charitable Gaming (Raffles)

The SCV GHQ recently disseminated information requiring camps and divisions to immediately cease holding any SCV sponsored raffles for fund raising.  It is believed some additional information will help to clarify the IRS situation in which the SCV finds itself at the moment.
Please understand this is not an IRS agenda against the SCV nor has the SCV GHQ created this dilemma. When the SCV’s old Mississippi Corporation was merged into a new Texas Corporation in 2005, the SCV was required to complete a new 501 c 3 application which was approved in August 2007 with the effective date made retroactive to 2005 when the corporate merger took place.  The SCV has now had to reapply for its Group Exemption approval, and as a part of this effort we have been specifically informed by the IRS that the gaming pro­hibition includes raffles and bingo.  SCV subordinate units must immediately
cease conducting any raffles.   Camps and divisions who wish to continue to have raffles may do so; but, only if they opt out of the SCV’s group exemption in writing, obtain a new tax ID number for their organization, then complete their own 501 c 3 application, and the IRS subsequently APPROVES the application. Even after this is accomplished, it is possible that your state may prohibit raffles.  It is questionable whether or not it is worth the effort to do this at the camp level rather than camps coming up with alternative ways to raise funds.   This 501 c 3 application process is onerous and additionally encum­bered by the fact that there is a $750.00 fee that accompanies the application, and it does not appear to be refundable if the application is rejected.


SCV logo decal for dues

For many years the GHQ would provide a SCV logo decal to each member who renewed his dues.  The SCV was able to obtain a very rea­sonable price on a large volume of decals which were just received in mid November, and this new policy implemented at this time.  If your camp has already received its dues receipt prior to this time, the camp adjutant or commander should contact GHQ to request your allotment of logo decals.  Encourage your members to proudly display the SCV logo which is good advertising which will stimulate membership growth.


GHQ Holiday Hours

The SCV General Headquarters will be open for normal business through Wednesday November 21st, closed Thanksgiving Day and the Fri­day after, then back to normal hours on Monday, November 26th.  The GHQ will also be closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, then open for business the remainder of that week with reduced staffing as the employees are encouraged to take vacation.


Majestic Middle Tennessee Christmas Home Tour

Elm Springs will once again be decorated for Christmas and participating in the self guided tour of Maury County antebellum homes No­vember 30 through December 2, 2007.  Tour hours are 11:00 to 6:00 Friday and Saturday and 1:00 to 5:00 PM Sunday.  Members and their families never pay an admission fee at Elm Springs; however, a ticket will be required to visit the other homes.  You may call (931) 381-4822 for more information and advanced tickets or visit  There will also be a Confederate Christmas Ball from 7:00 to 11:00 on Saturday night December 1, 2007 at the Memorial Building in down town Columbia.
Call (931) 698-3876 for tickets/costume rental.


Cadet Membership

Cadet membership was established in 2006 for males from birth to 12 years of age who are otherwise eligible for SCV membership.  A regu­lar SCV application, with the word Cadet written or printed at the top, will be submitted along with $10 to General Headquarters (GHQ), completely filled out including the Camp’s approval.  The GHQ will enter the young man in the database, assign him a SCV membership number, and all records will be the same as a full member except that his membership status will be different. The names of cadet members will not appear on the camp membership roster nor will they receive the Confederate Veteran magazine.  A new cadet member joining for the year August 1, 2007 through July 31, 2008 will be status CM07.  Once the young man becomes 12, he will pay his regular dues and his status will be changed to the appropriate fiscal year which will make him a full member.  Cadets will pay $10.00 annual dues and those five year of age and older will receive a periodic newsletter either by email or a hard copy through the postal service.  The SCV will soon have 200 cadet members.


Future Reunions

The 2009 SCV National Reunion will be held in Hot Springs AR and hosted by the James M. Keller Camp 648, and the 2010 Reunion will be held in Anderson County SC and hosted by the Manse Jolly SCV Camp 6.  Camps interested in bidding to host the 2011 Reun­ion should contact Chuck Rand, Chairman of the Time and Place Committee at or telephone (318) 387-3791.  Please see the Oct Nov 2007 CV magazine for more detail.


SCV Mobile Phone Service

The SCV has entered into a partnership with Sonopia, the industry leader in customized mobile service, to launch SCVeterans Mobile phone, exclusively for our membership.  Subscribers will receive: a new Motorola RAZR V3m phone, emblazoned with the SCV CBF theme fea­turing Generals Lee and Jackson and preloaded with a Dixie ring tone; a special calling plan and coverage from the nation's leading wireless network.  It's a great deal for you and a great way to provide additional support for our initiatives.  This is the program that received such an enthusiastic reception at the Mobile Reunion. You can obtain more detail and sign up for this politically incorrect phone service at https:/


Camp officer contact information

Please furnish the current email addresses for your Camp Commander and Adjutant to your Army secretary.  If neither the Camp Com­mander nor Adjutant has an email address, please furnish an alternate email address to the GHQ.  


SCV Credit Card Revenue Sharing

The national SCV began on August 1, 2006 sharing 25% of the revenue received from the SCV VISA Card program with the divisions, and during the previous fiscal year more than $6,000 has been earned by the divisions during the first year.  The GHQ receives a monthly report from the bank which breaks down purchases by state based upon the billing address of the card holder.  The checks to divisions will be made monthly, quarterly or annually once the amount due to the division is at least $100.  Please encourage your members to apply for a card.  Applications have previously been sent to the division adjutants or you may request one from the GHQ. 


Important Notice

If you or any of your Compatriots would like to receive occasional notices and announcements from the official, SCV news source, please visit The Gray Line is only being sent via email on the internet through the official SCV News List!  If any member of your camp would like to join the SCV News List, please direct him to the link above where he can sign up for this service.  Please forward this Gray Line, as it contains useful information, on to all members of your camp. 


Not getting your Confederate Veteran? 

The CV magazine is mailed at Non Profit bulk mail rates and the US Postal Service will not forward them if you have a change of address.
Please report address changes as soon as they are known.  If you have any question about GHQ having your correct information, you can check it by entering your SCV ID number and your last name in the box at the following link: .   If a correction needs to be made, you will see a form for that purpose, which will notify Elm Springs to update their records.


New online research tool

Many of you are looking for your Confederate Ancestor's service records.  Through their partnerships with organizations such as the Na­tional Archives, currently offers over 4 million Confederate Soldier service records. These documents will help you obtain your ancestor's proof of service.  Currently available:  Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers for the states of Alabama, Texas & Virginia with more states to come soon, Confederate Amnesty Papers, Organization Index to Pension Files of Veterans Who Served Be­tween 1861 and 1900 & much more…  Why not start your Footnote free trial now? 



The SCV Gray Line is published periodically by the Sons of Confederate Veterans, P.O. Box 59, Columbia, TN 38402

Commander-in-Chief Christopher M. Sullivan · P O Box 1512. ·Travelers Rest SC 29690 · (803) 376-5078 ·

SCV Executive Director: Ben Sewell—, ext. 207

Contact Information:

Nikki Thornton, Army of Northern Virginia and Army of Tennessee, ext. 204

Stephanie Bible,   Army of Trans Mississippi (and Georgia), ext. 203

Bryan Sharp, Membership Coordinator, ext. 201 David Stinson, Merchandising-, ext. 205